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The Venuz Concept

For the last few years, Dr. Rowland has been building her private practice which is focused on the holistic transformation of humans, balancing inner balance and beauty with their outward appearance. Her Venuz concept, as she has named it leverages the power of technology with the ancient health and wellness treatments taught to her across the globe.

The leading programme in the Venuz concept is Bio-Organic Preservation.


The process of skin aging consists of processes of external and internal aging.

External ageing occurs under the influence of environmental factors, most often from ultraviolet rays. This aging is characterized by the appearance of irregularities, flabbiness, dryness and pigmentation, as well as the formation of fine lines and fine wrinkles.

The signs of internal aging are the result of the thinning of the epidermis, the degradation of collagen in the dermis layer (due to the enhanced synthesis of collagenase) and atypia of keratinocytes. With a decrease in skin elasticity, collagen production also decreases, and wrinkles are formed when fibroblasts are destroyed.

This is a collection of most innovative and scientifically advanced Biological treatments utilized to enhance, repair and maintain the skin and hair followed by using certified Organic Cosmo-ceuticals as the ONLY after care products.

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Our Background

Dr Bindunie Rowland M.D

Official member of :

  • British Medical Laser Association
  • World Association for Laser Therapies
  • European Medical Laser Association
  • European society for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology
  • World Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine

A message from our founder

There is a role and a function for Beauty in our time.I believe…

Beauty is Health… And Health is Beauty.

Beauty and Health are the chief sources of Happiness…

Happiness is a feeling of well-being derived from knowing ourselves. By being closer to the nature, let’s go “back to the future” , which means that although we move forward towards the future , it is going “Back ” indeed to the rules of nature.. with our body and mind refinement to achieve a lifestyle enrichment focused on wellness…

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Get to Know Us

Darren Christopher Rowland

Darren is an expert in the fields of Weight Loss and Weight Management.
Since 2012 he has regularly Coached VIPs in this area both Nationally and Internationally.
As an experienced International VIP Life Coach he has received Awards for Best London Life Coach, Best UK Life Coach and Best International Life Coach between 2018 and 2020.
Darren has over 25 years of experience in the field of exercise physiology and the field of nutrition, he has been designing exercise programs and nutritional programs since 1993. In addition, he has been Life Coaching since in 2001 and has a vast experience of psychology.

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